Kiko Mizuhara 水原希子


Birth Name - Audrie Kiko Daniel
Name in Japanese - 水原希子, Mizuhara (水原) Kiko (希子)
Birthday - October 15, 1990 (23 Years Old)
Birthplace - Dallas, Texas, United States
Hometown - Hyōgo, Kobe, Japan
Current Residence - Tokyo, Japan
Height - 168 cm (5' 6'') (allegedly 5'4")
Weight - 42 kg (92 lbs)
Shoe size - 23 cm (convert that depending on what country you are from)
Blood Type - A
She got her start modeling when she entered and won a model search contest for Seventeen Magazine (the Japanese version)
She moved to Japan as a toddler
She is half White & half Asian (Korean → Zainichi Korean )

NOTE: Many of these pictures are taken from various websites (including Kiko's instagram and twitter ), and magazines. If you own any of these photos, and want them taken of the site, please message me. If I scan/gif/edit something myself PLEASE use this blog as the SOURCE oustide of tumblr and DO NOT REPOST on tumblr. Also PLEASE if you're going to ask something about her, make sure it's not gossip AND check the FAQ & More Kiko page to make sure it's a question that hasn't already been asked. P.S. This blog is NOT on instagram
with models, park soo joo & kim sung hee

with models, park soo joo & kim sung hee


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